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Guaranteed Quality Without Premium Prices: Why Switching to VSWD Could Save You and Your Customers Money

Guaranteed quality that does not break the bank

While some market leaders will suggest that their price reflects their quality, we believe our customer shouldn’t have to pay this premium on their safety products. Quality does not have to come with high prices. We have over 200 fast moving part numbers at an average of 30% LESS than the standard market price. This means that our customers and their customers can enjoy the same high-quality products but with very competitive pricing. Helping you to grow your business by saving you money and increasing your margins. We put our customers first in everything we do which is why we do not believe quality should come at a premium. We know that working with the right brand that can provide the right product is essential. VSWD is the ultimate lighting partner- helping to combine high quality products with competitive prices. Giving you a flexible lighting solution that could help transform your business.

Professional expertise and personalised service

Our VSWD team have been in the industry for a combined 60 years. Having previously worked for large brand names in the industry, we understand what works for our customers but also, what doesn’t. We are constantly introducing new products and adjusting our product portfolio to make sure our customers are up to date with the latest and greatest. Whether it’s a simple product query, some product advice or something to do with laws and regulations, the team will do their best to ensure that we can help.

As a family run business, we love getting to know our customers so whether you’re a large international player or a small regional operation we’ll work with you to ensure we can provide you with the most efficient lead time, service and products to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

At the time of writing we are selling VSWD in 34 Countries to OEMs, vehicle builders and the aftermarket.

Due to the vast array of products in the market, we understand how important it can be to make sure you make the right decision on what products to choose. If you’ve got a question, are wanting to see a particular feature or just want to compare you options you can request a personalised video to one of the team. Keeping your customers happy and your profit margins healthier.

What makes us special

VSWD works closely with its sister company Lighthouse Automotive, giving access to just over 100,000 part numbers. Working directly for our factory means that we have a great amount of flexibility in ensuring that we can provide you with a lighting solution. So whether its an adjustment to a product, something that we don’t offer or a brand new product – why not ask? We’ll do our best to provide you with a solution


What can you do now?

Switching to VSWD products could be the perfect step in helping you to grow your business and contribute to your bottom line.

To find out a little more about our product portfolio and what else we can do for you – email our customer service contact  us at [email protected]

Alternatively, why not give us a call? We can talk through our product range as well as giving you some further information. Speak to one of the team today by calling us on 0113 4575540

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